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About us


We are part of Besweet SA, a publicly listed company with Moldovan and Dutch shareholders and are favourably located in the industrial area of Chisinau, Moldova. Even though the company has very long roots of producing yeast in the past, the production facilities have been modernised in 2015 and were fully adapted towards the production of bakery products. We are proud to be part of PAC II program supported by the World Bank, which made the entire modernisation possible and helped us achieve what we are today.


Nowadays, Besweet SA is a fully modernised enterprise with spacious production facilities. We are proud to announce that we are ISO 22000 certified, which is an important international standard guaranteeing food safety. We are also an honest taxpayer and a friendly employer and strive to give equal opportunities to everyone.


Our medium-term goal is to reach more markets outside of Moldova with our products. We believe that the quality we offer with respect to price can provide us with unparalleled opportunities abroad. We have already managed to secure long-term relationships with distributors in neighbouring countries, but are determined to grow further. We are regularly participating in local and international tradefairs, with recent participation at Anuga in Cologne, Germany and Indagra Food in Bucharest, Romania.


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