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Our team

Executive director

Nadejda Cornețel

Nadejda has a finance and accounting background and has stepped in to manage the company in 2015. She oversees the entire value chain within the company, including production, logistics, finance as well as building client relationships.

“For us it is equally important to build long-lasting relationships with our clients and suppliers as well as to provide quality products to the market. With our team, we work hard everyday to deliver on our promises and offer products that customers would like to buy the second time.”

Favourite BeSweet: Tropicano

Chief technologist

Tatiana Grigoriev

Tatiana has more than 35 years experience in food technology and she is responsible for the development of new recipes, quality control as well as for selecting only the best ingredients from suppliers. She has been with BeSweet since the production of the very first biscuit.

“Having constant quality is paramount to our business. To ensure customers’ expectations are met every time they buy our products, we have strict quality controls in place and we work only with reliable suppliers.”

Favourite BeSweet: Prunni

Executive assistant

Tatiana Stepanenco

Tatiana supports the management team ensuring an efficient planning, coordination of events and effective communication in day-to-day activities. She is also the primary contact person within BeSweet.

“In my job, having the ability to act promptly and accurately is key to performing day-to-day activities. I like working with people and strive to maintain a positive spirit on the floor during the day.”

Favourite BeSweet: Inimioare

Sales operator

Axenia Mihalcean

Axenia is directly overseeing our finished goods inventory. From forecasting, to real-time management, Axenia ensures that we anticipate as much as possible our clients' needs and she is directly involved in the timely preparation of client orders.

“Transparent communication within the company as well as an efficiently planned process will ensure timely product deliveries, minimum missteps, and maximum client satisfaction.”

Favourite BeSweet: Paradis

Sales agent

Iulianna Țvetaeva

Iulianna is part of the sales team and is responsible for product promotions as well as client relations on a day-to-day basis. If you are interested in our products - Iuliana is your go-to person for more information.

“If you genuinely like the products you are promoting, then the selling process becomes significantly less difficult.”

Favourite BeSweet: Fulgi

Sales agent

Irina Țvetaeva

Irina is part of the sales team and is responsible for maintaining long term relationships with clients.

“Every company wishes to have many loyal clients. As Seth Godin says, in order to achieve this, it is very important to listen to your clients.”

Favourite BeSweet: Preferați


Ana Cojusea

Ana is responsible for the accurate recipe implementation during the production process.

“Just like there is a recipe for success in any field, here at B’Sweet, the path to success is to follow the recipes with outmost accuracy.”

Favourite BeSweet: Nuci